18. Special Features

18.1. SmartPlates

SmartPlates dynamically highlights areas of an approach plate as you fly so that you can quickly and easily identify which phase of the approach you are in, and the relevant MSAs and minimas.

View the SmartPlates documentation on the Airfields Page to learn more!


18.2. Bullseye!


Image 18.1 Setting a Bullseye

The Bullseye feature is useful to both Military and General Aviation pilots; when added to the GPS HUD the Bullseye provides bearing and range information from your current position to the set Bullseye (BULLSEYE option in the HUD), from the Screen Cursor to the Bullseye (CRSR BULL in the HUD), and from your current position to the Screen Cursor (CRSR BRA).

To activate Bullseye:

  1. Press and hold on one of the GPS HUD boxes and select ‘BULLSEYE’ in the resulting menu. Repeat for CRSA BRA and CRSR BULL if desired.

  2. Set the Bullseye position by tapping on the map → tap on the desired waypoint in the Closest Points popup → tap ‘Set as Bullseye’.

Bullseye circles are scaled in 50NM increments, out to 500NM in degrees Magnetic (ºM). The circles correctly account for latitude scale variations at southern latitudes on Mercator projection maps. The Northern radial is darkened for reference. (NOAA worldwide magnetic model is used for calculating magnetic deviation - https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/WMM/soft.shtml)

To disable Bullseye simply replace the BULLSEYE GPS HUD box with a different selection.

18.3. Range Rings

Range rings can be set on any waypoint. Tap near a waypoint on the map, select the waypoint in the resulting Closest Points popup, then tap ‘Range Ring’. Turn on the Show / Hide Range Ring toggle and select your distance and colour options. An example is shown below in Image 18.2.


Image 18.2 Setting a Range Ring