8. Aircraft Library

To add an aircraft to the Aircraft Library you will first need to set up and export an aircraft profile from OzRunways. Use the share button to export your completed aircraft profile as shown in the image below.


Share the file to the device on which you are using the Dashboard. The file will end in “.ozacft”.

On the Dashboard click Add Aircraft to import the aircraft profile to the dashboard. The following screen will result.


We recommend using your organisation name in place of the manufacturer name as this will group all your company aircraft profiles together when downloading them in OzRunways. The JSON file is the .ozacft file exported from OzRunways.

Selecting Locked for limited editing prevents in-app editing of performance and weight & balance figures, as required for W&B approval.

The function of the Sync to all organisation devices is described in the Automatic Syncing and Manual Management of Aircraft Profiles sections below.

8.1. Automatic Syncing

Selecting Sync to all organisation devices will push the aircraft to all EFBs where it will automatically appear in the aircraft list in OzRunways → Settings → Aircraft. OzRunways checks for new synced aircraft on app launch, which means you may need to close and reopen the app before a newly synced aircraft appears in the list. Dashboard synced aircraft profiles are indicated in OzRunways by an icon as shown in Image 8.1.


Image 8.1 Dashboard synced aircraft profiles in OzRunways

When a synced aircraft is updated OzRunways will automatically download the new profile on next app launch, and the version number displayed underneath the aircraft in OzRunways will increment accordingly.

8.2. Manual Management of Aircraft Profiles

Leave Sync to all organisation devices unchecked if you want to manually manage an aircraft profile. Manually managed aircraft are available to download manually (per device) from the Aircraft Library in OzRunways → Settings → Aircraft → ‘+’ → New from Library. Any updates to a manually managed aircraft will require re-download, per applicable device, from OzRunways → Settings → Aircraft → ‘+’ → New from Library.