6. Waypoint Groups


Any time a change is made in Waypoint Groups a new database must be published before the changes are reflected in app. For more information see Manage Database.

Waypoint Groups created here appear on the Overlay Bar in OzRunways. These groups can then be switched on/off like any other overlay.


Create a new group using the + New Group button. Add waypoints to the group by typing in one or more waypoint codes then press the Add waypoints button. If entering multiple waypoints they will need to be separated by a comma e.g. YAVN, YBCH, YGRN etc. Waypoints can be added to or removed from groups at any time.

In Image 6.1 the group “Day Landings Only” has been switched on in the Overlay Bar and we can see those waypoints are displayed on the map. Multiple groups can be switched on at the same time.


Image 6.1 Waypoint Groups in OzRunways

The All Organisation group contains all Organisation Waypoints and any External Waypoints that have been added on the Waypoints page. This group is always available and cannot be deleted.