The GPS HUD appears across the top of the Map Page. With no plan selected there is only one row of fields.

When you begin to plan, the GPS HUD converts to a two row display. The plan is now active and if desired can track your position on the map and update the GPS HUD fields with information such as Track, Ground Speed, Distance To Go, etc. The far right bottom box is the ‘Cancel’ box which, if tapped and held, will exit the current plan.

If you don’t want the GPS HUD displayed tap the Map View Options button and turn off ‘Show GPS HUD’. A long press on any of the GPS HUD boxes will bring up a list of available fields. Tap an item in the list to switch the GPS HUD box to the selected data option.

Some data requires an accurate GPS signal (think GS, ETA etc.), or an internet connection (QNH, TMP). If data is not available due to lack of GPS signal or internet connection then ` – ` will be displayed.

In the top right corner of the GPS HUD there is a small coloured dot. This is explained below in GPS Accuracy Dot

10.1. HUD box options

Tap and hold (long press) on any GPS HUD field and a popup will result displaying various option as described below:


Bearing to next waypoint


Position of Cursor referenced to yourself


When the cursor is enabled, this will display the position of the cursor location in reference to your current position


Distance to go; distance remaining until reaching next waypoint


Estimated Time of Arrival at next waypoint


Estimated Time Enroute


Centre Frequency


Current and next Centre frequency combined into one box


Next centre frequency based on your current heading

GPS Error

Displays the current GPS error as calculated by the device. The lower this is, the better fix you have. It can be used to give you an indication of the best place to position your device in the aircraft.


Ground Speed in knots.


Horizontal Situation Indicator. A mini version of the HSI is displayed. At the bottom of the mini-HSI a ‘t’ bar indicates deviation left or right of track. The arrow indicates the bearing to the waypoint to which you are tracking.


Current GPS latitude


Current GPS latitude/longitude consolidated in one box


Local Time (device timezone)


Current GPS longitude.


Military Grid Reference System


Current GPS track


Current GPS track in a compass card format


UTC (Zulu) Time


Universal Transverse Mercator


Universal Transverse Mercator with Military Grid Reference System band


Vertical Speed


Cross Track Error

10.2. GPS Accuracy Dot

In the top right corner of the GPS HUD there is a small coloured dot. The colour of the dot gives a quick visual indication of horizontal GPS accuracy as follows:

Green: Good accuracy, 30m or less

Yellow: Poor accuracy, between 30m and 200m

Magenta: Very poor accuracy, between 200m and 5km

Red: No GPS signal

If horizontal GPS accuracy is worse than 200m (i.e. a magenta or red dot) OzRunways will no longer display your location on the map, other data in the HUD that relies on GPS position may no longer function. If this happens, check that OzRunways has the approproiate permissions to access location services in the device settings. You may need to move the device to a different location in the aircraft away from any obstructions.